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Thank you for visiting with us on previous 263 Art Studio Tours.

Join us again in 2019

Dates for the Annual 263 Art Studio Tour are the Saturday and Sunday of the THIRD weekend of July; 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM each day, July 20, 21 2019.

Thank you for visiting our site.

This year Gerald Regnitter and Ursula Brons are the Tour contact persons. Reach us at:

Ursula Brons 306-989-4435 ursulabrons@263artstudiotour.ca

Gerald Regnitter (306) 982-3614/ geraldregnitter@263artstudiotour.ca

In 2019 we have several new artists as part of the Tour. We welcome conversations with old and new friends and we also wish to thank you for purchases of our work. If we did not have those who will appreciate and purchase our work, we have less incentive and fewer means to create more art.

Each summer, we open our studios and homes to those interested in exploring the artistic excellence and diversity of our area of northern Saskatchewan: Tweedsmuir, Emma Lake, Christopher Lake, and Paddockwood -- an area connected by Highway 263.

Visit artists in their studios/homes to see where they work, what they are working on, and who they are. Works will be for sale. We do not sell works through this website at this time.

Most of our Artists do not Use Credit or Debit cards to sell their work. There are several ATM's available in the area for your use. Bring cheques or cash if you plan to purchase work from our members.

General Information

We welcome and seek out your suggestions for improvement of both this Tour Web Site and of our Tour Sites and organization. June Ricklefs, who had been a key organizer since we began this tour has asked to step out of that role as she considers a possible move out of our area. We thank her for her beautiful paintings and her good work with our brochures, posters and maps. Thank you June! Ursula Brons, also a founding Tour artist will assume many of June's tasks.

Most of our participating artists would welcome further contact with you throughout the year. Use the contact information on each Artist's page. Artists may choose to use this web site to update and expand images of their new work throughout the year. Check for updates from your favourite artist and pass on our web address to your friends.

Some of our 263 Art Studio Tour artists  have their own web sites and links will be provided on the Tour Artists  page. As well, you  will find individual contact  information there. 

The Find Us page provides printable road maps, other site information and a printable copy of our current brochure.

Our logo is the Sun. Signs with the Sun will mark the various routes and sites.

Follow the Sun!


Participants for 2019 are:

Bantle, Jason-Leo - Photographer

Brons, Ursula - Painter

Carlson, Gail - Potter

Fellner, Brent - Stone Carver

Hofferd, Carol - Stained Glass

Laxdal, Tom - Knife maker

Lussier, Jeannette - Tile Painter, Sculptor

MacPhedran, Dorothy - Potter

Miller, Sharon - Painter

Mrazek, Jerome, Painter

Ratti-Brost, Loretta - Stained Glass

Regnitter, Gerald - Woodworker































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