We are beginning to get artists decisions to participate in the 2018 Tour...

If you have taken part in this Tour in previous years or are new to this area and wish to take part, please contact June Ricklefs or Gerald Regnitter ASAP but definitely before the end of April.

Click on artist photo / name to go to Artist's Page                 Click on Site number to go to special Site Pages (to be added later)

Gerald Regnitter, Woodworker




Dorothy MacPhedran, Potter


June Ricklefs, Watercolour Painter


Carol Hofferd, Stained Glass Artist





Jeannette Lussier, Tile Painter, Sculptor


Brent Fellner

Brent Fellner. Stone Carver


Tom Laxdal, Knife Maker



Sharon Miller


Jerome Mrazek



Gail Carlson

Gail Carlson, Potter


Jason-Leo Bantle, Photographer