Ursula Brons

Ursula is an oil painter whose inspiration comes from the local landscape as well as her farming background. Her painting career spans many years and she is always experimenting with styles and mediums - so although much of her work is landscape, you will also find some abstract, some still life, and figure work as well.

Ursula describes herself as "not a realistic painter." Her aim is to evoke a response through shape, colour, or texture. What you get is her response to the subject matter and the medium. I love the consistency and texture of thick paint. It shows; her thick oil works are luscious.

Alongside her painting, Ursula runs a flower farm, keeps heritage chickens, and raises cattle (she is the best midwife a cow could want). Her sympathetic nature is reflected in her very personal depictions of the spaces and things around her.


Late Storm © Ursula Brons

Black-Eyed Susans © Ursula Brons


005_2 © Ursula Brons


Willows © Ursula Brons

Jackfish Elm © Ursula Brons

Morning © Ursula Brons


005 © Ursula Brons

Saturday © Ursula Brons

Prairie © Ursula Brons

002 © Ursula Brons


015 © Ursula Brons



Ursula's Work Space



Ursula in her peony bed


A painting only needs to please the artist. I don't paint for a market or a critic. I have to like it myself. The viewer is then free to connect, or not. Of course, I love it when others do connect, but that is not why I paint. It has to be personal.




Email: finisbrons@hotmail.com

Mailing Address: RR1, Site 10, Comp 8, Christopher Lake, SK, S0J 0N0

Telephone: 306-989-4435