Ursula Brons

Ursula Brons lives and paints in the Lakeland area. Her works reflect her life growing up on Emma Lake and her present home on the farm. Working in oil she tries to capture the ever changing landscapes of North Central Saskatchewan.
She mainly uses oil paints, but because she enjoys experimenting with different mediums she also works with ink, watercolour, oil pastel as well as painting on glass.



Birds on Branch; painting on glass. ©Ursula Brons


Cold Water; oil. ©Ursula Brons


Cracked Ice; oil pastel © Ursula Brons


Five Grey Geese; oil. © Ursula Brons


Looking Over The Canola; oil © Ursula Brons


Reine Claud Plums; oil pastel © Ursula Brons


River Basin; oil pastel © Ursula Brons


Saturday Morning; oil. © Ursula Brons







Ursula in her peony bed


A painting only needs to please the artist. I don't paint for a market or a critic. I have to like it myself. The viewer is then free to connect, or not. Of course, I love it when others do connect, but that is not why I paint. It has to be personal.




Email: ursulabrons@263artstudiotour.ca

Mailing Address: RR1, Site 10, Comp 8, Christopher Lake, SK, S0J 0N0

Telephone: 306-989-4435


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