Knife Maker

Tom has been making knives for over 20 years. Knife making is an art that involves many skills: shaping high grade stainless steel, tempering steel for flex and extreme hardness, crafting brass bolsters, choosing and applying natural or exotic handle materials, and polishing to bring out luster and shine. Most knives come with a protective sheath of heavy, durable, and decorative leather which is commonly supported on a belt.

His knives fall into the basic categories of hunting, filleting, skinning, kitchen chef, and whittling. The purpose of the knife directs its shape, thickness, and blade length. Handle materials vary from natural and exotic wood to horn, synthetic material, and even mammoth tusk. The handle material, while decorative, also needs to be stabilized to prevent moisture absorption (which causes expansion and shifting).

When visiting Tom's workshop, you will be taken on the journey of a knife. His demonstration is captivating.


Tom's Shop


Hardening a knife

Filleting knives: Blades 7”,

handles Dymondwood,

440C stainless steel, 61 Rockwell hardness


Hunting and Small Game Skinning Knives

Hunting Knife - Dymondwood handle 6

Hunting Knife - Dymondwood handle -3

Hunting Knife- Dymondwood handle -4

Hunting Knife - Dymondwood handle -5

Hunting Knife - Dymondwood handle -2

Hunting Knife

Hunting Knife - Dymondwood handle -7

Hunting Knife - Red Ash burl handle

Hunting Knife - Dymondwood handle 1

Hunting Knife - Curly Birch handle

Hunting Knife - Black Ash Burl handle - The Boss

small game skinning knife -1

Tom at Evergreen 2017

Small game skinning knife -2

Small game skinning knife -4

Small game skinner

Small game skinning knife-3

Copping and carving chef knife

Deer Skinner

Chef knife - 440C stainless steel
- diamond wood handle


Large hunting and skinning knife
Specs: - ATS 34 stainless steel
- buckeye burl handle


© Tom Laxdal

© Tom Laxdal

© Tom Laxdal

© Tom Laxdal

© Tom Laxdal

© Tom Laxdal

© Tom Laxdal



Assorted Knives © Tom Laxdal

Filleting Knife in Leather Sheath © Tom Laxdal


Assorted Knives in Leather Sheathes © Tom Laxdal

Skinning Knife © Tom Laxdal

Four Medium Hunting Knives © Tom Laxdal

Large Chef's Knife © Tom Laxdal

Hunting Knife © Tom Laxdal

Hunting Knives © Tom Laxdal



Three photos of Tom's Display during 2015 263 Art Studio Tour:

In my workshop you will find an assortment of specialized grinding tools, a plasma cutter, a mig welder, chop saws, a metal band saw, felt polishing wheels, a tempering oven reaching of 2000F, leather tooling equipment, a drill press, and a metal lathe. It has been my dream to retire by a lake surrounded with nature’s beauty and having a workshop equipped with plenty of picture windows and good craftsman tools to allow hand and mind to be creative.


104 Alleyne Ave, McPhail Cove, Emma Lake


Tom Laxdal
PO Box 387
Christopher Lake
Saskatchewan, Canada
phone 306-982-2025

Tom welcomes by-appointment visits to his studio outside of 263 Art Studio Tour dates.