Louise Corriveau

Wood Work, Painter

I started painting several years ago, taking lessons from Audrey Boyce who was a local artist living in Paddockwood. She gave lessons six weeks every winter for several years. When Audrey moved away my interest in painting diminished until 5 years ago when I spent some time in a small town in Mexico and took lessons from a local artist. I have returned to that small town (Ajijic) four times now and spend the better part of one month each time painting, taking lessons from a different artist each time.

My interest in woodworking stemmed from housecleaning Franc Sudol’s house. I was fascinated with his work. I bought an old second hand lathe, visited a few turners who were more than eager to teach me. Later I joined the Prince Albert Wood Turners Guild who host workshops throughout the year. Bad wrists are restricting the amount of turning I can do, but I enjoy doing other projects with wood.

Woodwork, © Louise Corriveau

Owl © Louise Corriveau

Cactus Blossoms © Louise Corriveau

Natural Edge Bowl  © Louise Corriveau

Man Smoking © Louise Corriveau

Hanging Leaves © Louise Corriveau

Turned and carved bowl © Louise Corriveau

Natural Edge Bowl © Louise Corriveau