Watercolour Painter

June (Lucyk) Ricklefs earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. In 2002 she founded the group Prairie River Artists in Saskatoon. She moved into our area in 2011 to continue painting the beautiful landscapes of central and northern Saskatchewan. She has also done paintings of the Yukon, Mexico and France. As well as being one of the artists on the 263 Art Studio Tour, June belongs to the Woodland Studio group in Christopher Lake and the 1010 group in Prince Albert.

June works in watercolour on her favourite subjects of landscape, wildlife, and floral. Several of her works are available in reproductions or greeting cards.

Emma Lake Afternoon © June Ricklefs


The Bridge at Minowuka © June Ricklefs


A Slippery Slope © June Ricklefs


Timing Shack at the Don Allen Trail © June Ricklefs


"Swimming in Circles"

Exploring Spirit Lake © June Ricklefs



Reviewing the Situation © June Ricklefs


Day's End © June Ricklefs


Western Red Lily © June Ricklefs


Reaching Out © June Ricklefs


Springtime Walk on the Don Allen Trail © June Ricklefs


Winter Magic © June Ricklefs


"Nobody's Home"
Watercolour Painting purchased in 2016 by the Mann Art Gallery in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan for the permanent collection.
Prints Available

"Beyond Repair"

"Spring Flooding"

"Twists and Turns"
Winner of the Best Watercolour at the 2017 Winter Festival Art Show at the Mann Art Gallery in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


As an artist, if I had waited for inspiration to strike, I would not have done much painting. I have to do the work first to get to the heart of what I am trying to accomplish.

Site 3- 370 Ridgeway Road, Christopher Lake

Email: j.ricklefs@sasktel.net

Website : http://www.junericklefs.net

Telephone: 306-982-2496

June welcomes by-appointment visits outside of the 263 Art Studio Tour dates.


One of June's paintings was purchased in 2016 to become part of the Mann Art Gallery permanent collection