Jerome Mrazek, Artist, 263 Art Studio Tour

I look forward to welcoming old friends and seeing new faces at this year’s 263 Art Studio Tour. It’s always a busy two days of fun and conversation at the cabin. I”d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

My artistic pursuits began in 2013 by experimenting with acrylic paint. Through private and community classes and workshops, consultation and mentorships, I’ve been able to delve further into various media including watercolor which has remained my focus for the past five years. Most recently, I ventured into watercolor on unprimed canvas and have made friends with oil on canvas.

I gain the greatest satisfaction from creating art when I allow in discovery. A preliminary sketch is only a guide not a script as I read and react to what arrives on the page. To paraphrase the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes, “ Give me a lever and I’ll move the world.” Discovery is my lever. It lets me explore less travelled roads where thought will be provoked and where new challenges must be met. A fresh take on old subjects. So, if I look closely and welcome in discovery, perhaps I can extract something fine from the familiar.

I am fortunate to have recieved award several times at The Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show and Sale for excellence in drawing and watercolor.

During May, 2022 I hosted a solo exhibition of “Recent Art Work” at The Grace Campbell Gallery of the J.M. Cuelenaere Library in Prince Albert.

In March 2023, my solo exhibition, “The Shuttered Kenderdine” was successfully presented at The Hicks Gallery of the Prince Albert Arts Centre. Following the exhibition, I was honored when five graphite drawings and one watercolor from the series were purchased by the Mann Gallery, Prince Albert for their permanent collection. Also, proposals have been made to exhibit the work at other venues in Saskatchewan. Click to read Prince Albert Herald Story

I continue to be a member of the Studio 1010 Artist Group, informally gathering to paint and exchange art ideas. We hold two group exhibitions and sales annually.

See you in July on the Tour .



My summer studio (cabin) at Murray Point is ready for the 2023 iteration of the 263 Art Studio Tour.

I look forward to seeing everyone.” Jerome Mrazek

studio1 studio2
studio3 studio4

Arts Centre Front Door 2023, 13 X 10 wc and acrylic, © Jerome Mrazek

Polish Roman atholic Church,2023, 11 X 8 wc. © Jerome Mrazek

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church circa 1906, 11 X 8, 2023, wc.

© Jerome Mrazek

View From 15th St., wc., 2023, 8 X 11, © Jerome Mrazek

Colored City and Car 8x10 wc © Jerome Mrazek


Flexible Conduit wc and gouache 14x17 © Jerome Mrazek

Fireworks Flower 24x18 wc and gouache

© Jerome Mrazek

Art Centre Steps, 10th St. Side 2022, WC,13X10, © Jerome Mrazek

For Rent wc and gouache 13.5x21 © Jerome Mrazek

Garden Variety Violin wc and gouache 21x29 2021 © Jerome Mrazek

Naive car wc 8x10 © Jerome Mrazek

Untitled 2020 wc and gouache 12x9 © Jerome Mrazek

Volunteers © Jerome Mrazek


Black Trees in the Snow,2019, Acrylic on canvas, 11 X 8 inch © Jerome Mrazek

Model with Green Pants, 2022, Oil on canvas board, 11 X 14, © Jerome Mrazek

Hills behind Murray Point, 2022, WC, 14 X 19, © Jerome Mrazek

Hill Across from #33 ,2021 wc and gouache, 14 X 20, © Jerome Mrazek


Seated Nude with Knees Bent, Watercolour, 14 X 20, © Jerome Mrazek



House One Street Over, Watercolour, 18 X 14, © Jerome Mrazek



Land Registry with Fence and Bicycle, Watercolour, 13 X 18, © Jerome Mrazek

“Commissioned image - private collector”.


Cars on 11th St. Watercolour, 11 X 14,

© Jerome Mrazek

“2020 Prince Albert Winter Festival Award

for watercolour" SOLD


Church on 1st Avenue, Water Colour, © Jerome Mrazek


Large Flower, watercolour and gouache, 20 X 28, © Jerome Mrazek



Bush and Hills, Water Colour and Gouache, 11 X 18, © Jerome Mrazek


Brick Residence 2020, Water Colour and Gouache, 19 X 13, © Jerome Mrazek

“Commissioned image - private collector”.



1010 Central Avenue. Watercolour, 14 X 11, ©Jerome Mrazek


Central Avenue # 2, Watercolour,10 X 14,

©Jerome Mrazek





The Blue Bedspread, Watercolour, 14 X 11 ", © Jerome Mrazek


10th St. Impression, Water Colour © Jerome Mrazek



Cabin 33, Water Colour, 14 X 11, © Jerome Mrazek, SOLD

Borrowed Lake. acrylic on paper, 10 X 14,

© Jerome Mrazek

Along the Shore. Watercolour, 10 X 14 © Jerome Mrazek


Ground Cover, Watercolour, 14 X 11,

© Jerome Mrazek



Dying Trees. Watercolour, 13 X 11, © Jerome Mrazek


Back Lane Rooftops, Early AM. Watercolour 11 X 14

© Jerome Mrazek,


Lane Lunch, Watercolour, 11X 10, © Jerome Mrazek


Reunion, Watercolour 10 X 14 ©Jerome Mrazek



Back Lane Rooftops, Abstract Watercolour 14 X 11 © Jerome Mrazek.



The Neighbours 2. Watercolour 11 X 14

© Jerome Mrazek


Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Watercolour 13 X 10

© Jerome Mrazek


Purple Light old City Hall, Watercolour 11 X 14

© Jerome Mrazek


River Street & First Ave West - © Jerome Mrazek


Shore Fence, The Kenderdine, Watercolour 8 X 10

© Jerome Mrazek



Bluestreet, Watercolour 10 X 12 © Jerome Mrazek



Spring Thaw 10th Street West, Watercolour and acrylic

©Jerome Mrazek

Spring Thaw, 10th St. West, 2019 Prince Albert Winter

Festival Juried Art Show and Sale award for

Accomplishment in Watercolor.


The House Across the Street, Charcoal 20 x 23 © Jerome Mrazek

2017 Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show and Sale award for Accomplishment in Drawing





Bandstand, River St, & Central, Water Colour, 11 X 14

© Jerome Mrazek



Intersection, watercolour, 18 X 24 © Jerome Mrazek

Roundtree Valley Revised, 2022, Watercolour and gouache ,22 X 28, © Jerome Mrazek

Overlooking the Third Lake at Emma, 2020 wc with gouache, 20 X 28 , © Jerome Mrazek SOLD

Contact: Jerome Mrazek

Find me at Site 8



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