Jerome Mrazek, Artist

Jerome is currently exploring urban and rural landscapes through watercolour and acrylics. He favours strong colour and high contrast. His brush strokes are often described as relaxed or "loose" resulting in an image between realism and impression. At the 2017 Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show, he received the award for his urban charcoal titled "The House Across the Street".

In 2018 the Prince Albert Arts Centre purchased the painting shown here with the artist. It is from the "Old City Hall" series of paintings by Jerome. Greeting card style prints are available through the Arts Centre, 1010 Central Ave., Prince Albert.

At the 2019 Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show and Sale, Jerome received the award for Accomplishment in Watercolor for his urban landscape “Spring Thaw, 10th St. West” shown below.


“Contact Jerome for tickets, 306-961-5888”




Central Avenue #2, Watercolour, 10 X 14" © Jerome Mrazek


Late in the Day on Central Avenue, Watercolour 11 X 10", © Jerome


Patio Umbrellas, Waskesiu, Watercolour, 11 X 16, © Jerome Mrazek


The Blue Bedspread, Watercolour, 14 X 11 ", © Jerome Mrazek


10th St. Impression, Water Colour © Jerome Mrazek



Cabin 33, Water Colour, 14 X 11, © Jerome Mrazek, SOLD



Building Behind the Bank. 14 X 20 Watercolour. © Jerome Mrazek

Borrowed Lake. acrylic on paper, 10 X 14, © Jerome Mrazek

Along the Shore. Watercolour, 10 X 14 © Jerome Mrazek

Forest Floor, Watercolour, 14 X 11, © Jerome Mrazek

Dying Trees. Watercolour, 13 X 11, © Jerome Mrazek

Lane Lunch, Watercolour, 11X 10, © Jerome Mrazek

Orb and Rod, Watercolour 26 X 20, © Jrome Mrazek


Back Lane Rooftops, Early AM. Watercolour 11 X 14 © Jerome Mrazek, SOLD


Partial Transparency. Watercolour, 11 X 14.

© Jerome Mrazek


Reunion, Watercolour 10 X 14 ©Jerome Mrazek



Back Lane Rooftops, Abstract Watercolour 14 X 11 © Jerome Mrazek


The Neighbours 2. Watercolour 11 X 14 © Jerome Mrazek


Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Watercolour 13 X 10

© Jerome Mrazek


Purple Light old City Hall, Watercolour 11 X 14

© Jerome Mrazek


River Street & First Ave West - © Jerome Mrazek Sold

Shore Fence, The Kenderdine, Watercolour 8 X 10

© Jerome Mrazek



Bluestreet, Watercolour 10 X 12 © Jerome Mrazek



Spring Thaw 10th Street West, Watercolour and acrylic

©Jerome Mrazek

Spring Thaw, 10th St. West, 2019 Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show and Sale award for Accomplishment in Watercolor. SOLD


Brush and Hills, Watercolour 11 X 18 © Jerome Mrazek


Roundtree Valley, WC and acrylic,22X 28 © Jerome Mrazek

The House Across the Street, Charcoal 20 x 23 © Jerome Mrazek

2017 Prince Albert Winter Festival Juried Art Show and Sale award for Accomplishment in Drawing

Bandstand, River St, & Central, Water Colour, 11 X 14 © Jerome Mrazek


Intersection, watercolour, 18 X 24 © Jerome Mrazek

Contact: Jerome Mrazek



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