A passion for nature has defined my life since I was a child. Growing up outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, I was fortunate to spend time exploring the woods and wetlands around my home in Cudworth.
I attended the University of Saskatchewan to study biology, and went on to complete a master’s degree, where my thesis focused on Arctic Fox ecology. During this time in the Arctic, my interest in photography first developed. In 2005, I opened my first gallery, just outside of Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan. Since then, I have opened galleries in Banff, Canmore, Niagara-On-the-Lake, Saskatoon, Waskesiu, and most recently, in Toronto.

I am in love with Canada and all of the species and spaces that make this country amazing! My ultimate goal as an artist is that my photographic art inspires a deep appreciation of Mother Nature and in so prompts the preservation of Her. I hope that the beauty you find in the species and spaces that my work captures, will translate into a resolve to preserve them. On our current path some of these species, for example, polar bears, are under serious threat of becoming extinct in the not too distant future. At the same time, wild spaces are facing dramatic changes as human encroachment increases. However, the extinction of these species and the loss of natural spaces, are not things that are outside of our control.

In 2010, my team at All in the Wild, and I, decided that we wanted to do something that would more directly contribute to the conservation of nature, and so we decided to create the All in the Wild Land Fund. Since then, 6% of all of the sales from my work have gone towards this fund, which to date, has allowed for 1,600 acres of land to be purchased and set aside for conservation.

We all have the ability to influence the future of this great country through our choices. We have a lot of power through our choices. If we are motivated to do so, we can prevent the decline of species and the loss of wild spaces. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate Mother Nature and all she offers as you look through my images.

Respect Nature
- Jason Leo Bantle



"Owl" You Need is Love, © Jason Leo Bantle




Canada's Splendour, © Jason Leo Bantle



Canadian Engineer, © Jason Leo Bantle



Exhale, © Jason Leo Bantle



Getting All Bunnied Up, ©Jason Leo Bantle




Hitchin' a Ride With Mom, © Jason Leo Bantle


ICE-olation, © Jason Leo Bantle



Kickin' It with Mom, © Jason Leo Bantle



Misunderstood, © Jason Leo Bantle


On The Prowl, © Jason Leo Bantle



Paws for a Moment, © JasonLeo Bantle



Prairie Glow, © Jason Leo Bantle


Repurposed Ride, © Jason Leo Bantle



Southpaw, © Jason Leo Bantle



Thankful Soul, © Jason Leo Bantle


The Boss of Banff, © Jason Leo Bantle


The King's Crown, © Jason Leo Bantle


We're Owl in This Together, © Jason Leo Bantle



Jason's goal is to stir in others an appreciation of Canada’s nature, thereby aiding in its preservation.

We cannot continue to push nature at the current rate. We need nature and nature needs our respect. We must make choices that are green in every aspect of our lives, at home, at work and at play.

"If we could all live on less, we can all live on more".

Find me at Site 11

Website: www.allinthewild.com


Phone: 306-982-2253

Jason welcomes visits outside of the 263 Art Studio Tour dates.

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