Jason’s career in photography began while conducting biological research on carnivores and while completing his Master of Science in an arctic fox research project. It stirred in him a desire to share the splendour with others. Since then Jason has travelled extensively across Canada capturing the beauty that this country has to offer. Some of his favourite areas, besides the arctic, are northern Saskatchewan and the mountains of Alberta, which also happen to be the two places where he spends most of his time.

Jason has worked as an eco-guide leading trips to see and photograph polar, grizzly, and black bears as well as beluga and orca whales. In 2005, he opened his first gallery near the entrance to Prince Albert National Park (Hwy 263, the "scenic route"). Virtually all of Jason’s images are captured using 35mm film with no filters or digital alterations or enhancements involved. All of the images are captured in the wild places of Canada and Alaska.

Bird On A Wire © Jason Leo Bantle

Stampede (Nunavut Muskox) © Jason Leo Bantle


Yoink (eagle stealing otters' fish) © Jason Leo Bantle

Evening Hover © Jason Leo Bantle

Boreal Fire © Jason Leo Bantle

Arctic Jokers © Jason Leo Bantle

Reflection © Jason Leo Bantle

Winter's Calm © Jason Leo Bantle

The Apple Bandits © Jason Leo Bantle

Evening Hover © Jason Leo Bantle


Book: State of Grace (cover)

Book: Mom, What Can Be Done? (cover)

Book:All In The Wild Calling (cover)



Jason's Gallery at Site 10, just at the National Park Gate on Hwy 263


Jason's goal is to stir in others an appreciation of Canada’s nature, thereby aiding in its preservation.

We cannot continue to push nature at the current rate. We need nature and nature needs our respect. We must make choices that are green in every aspect of our lives, at home, at work and at play.

"If we could all live on less, we can all live on more".

Site 8 - From Hwy 2, 18 km west on Highway 263 at park gate



Phone: 306-982-2253 or (cell) 306-260-7246

Jason welcomes visits outside of the 263 Art Studio Tour dates.