Gerald Regnitter, Woodworker

Friendly Forest Products are functional art products and wood furniture pieces by Gerald Regnitter. Products are conceived and designed to meet some utilitarian purpose and to be objects of beauty at the same time. Local woods are often used in combination with exotic hardwoods from around the globe, with special attention to harmonizing the unique and special properties of each kind of wood.

Friendly Forest is located in the transitional boreal forest near the Prince Albert National Park.


13 X 2.5 inch plate/ bowl. © Gerald Regnitter


10.5 X 2.5 inch bowl © Gerald Regnitter


Flange Bowl, 11.5 X 2 inch bowl


Creation Joy, 16 X 1 inch platter © Gerald Regnitter

13 X 2.5 inch bowl. © Gerald Regnitter


13 X 2.25 inch bowl. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Bowl - Aspen Leaves. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Bowl - Golden Pumpkin. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood and Walnut Vase, low form. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Vase. 4" X 9" - blue ice 1. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Vase - brown burst. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Vase - gold in fire. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Vase - Gold flame. © Gerald Regnitter

Birchwood Vase - Black Ice. © Friendly Forest


Stressed Birch Plate © Gerald Regnitter


Birch and Bloodwood Bowl © Gerald Regnitter


Birch plate with Aniline dyes © Gerald Regnitter


Spalting Birch Vase © Gerald Regnitter


Birch Box © Gerald Regnitter


Sapele and Birch Box © Gerald Regnitter


Sapele and Birch Box G Gerald Regnitter


Black Walnut with Birch box © Gerald Regnitter


Resurrection Cross © Gerald Regnitter


Custom Urn © Gerald Regnitter


Custom Hope Chest © Gerald Regnitter


Black Walnut, Cedar and Birch Urn © Gerald Regnitter


Birch Hope Chest © Gerald Regnitter


Custom "Office-in-a-Box" © Gerald Regnitter


Ceremonial Rattles © Gerald Regnitter


Spalting Birch bowl with lid © Gerald Regnitter


Spalting Birch Bowl © Gerald Regnitter


Spalting Birch Bowl with lid © Gerald Regnitter


Spruce Wood Vase with Aniline Dyes © Gerald Regnitter


Simple, functional, attractive; Wood Spurtles in various woods, ready for the cook pot. © Gerald Regnitter


The forest home in which I live has a history of its own. Long before I became its caretaker some 23 years ago, a large ice ball was rolled over by a glacier and gouged out a space in the till. When the glacier melted, it left a glacial kettle which became the pond in the forest. The ridge of clay, rock and gravel along the one side has become the site for my home overlooking the pond. There has been a long succession of beaver lodges built on the pond. When I first saw the area, two lodges were active, and all of the aspen and birch near the pond had been felled and spread out like so many toothpicks. The "mess" the beaver left opened up the area near the pond for the growth of a ring of spruce and larch. About 35 years ago most of the large spruce were logged out. Their spaces have since been occupied by birch, aspen and young spruce trees. What were trees too small to harvest then, have now become large in their own right. I have been most fortunate to have been given the privilege of sharing this sacred space [for that is what it is] and I have vowed to respect and preserve what I have been given.

Site 1 - 411 Highway 2 (3.6 km north of Hwy 263 junction)


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Mailing Address: Box 501 Christopher Lake, SK, S0J 0N0

Telephone: 306-982-3614

Gerald welcomes visits outside of the 263 Art Studio Tour dates. Please call ahead to make sure Gerald is available.

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