Mud puddles were Gail's intuitive beginnings. By the age of ten, she was a potter; by fourteen a pottery teacher. To this day Gail loves the mud puddle sensation of wiping her clay covered hands on her jeans. Growing up in an artistic family (architect father, potter mother), Gail received the encouragement, support, and influence that every artist needs in order to develop and persist.

Gail Carlson is a recognized Saskatchewan potter who specializes in both production functional pottery and hand-built one-of-a-kind pieces. During her early studies at the University of Saskatchewan, she was a natural at hand-building and sculptural form. This passion - the love of form and play of light - continues in her creative expression today.


Crystalline Glaze Pot © Gail Carlson

Carved Pot © Gail Carlson

Crystalline Glaze Pot © Gail Carlson

Carved Pot © Gail Carlson

Earthen Smoked Pot © Gail Carlson

Sculptures © Gail Carlson

Smoked Pots @ Gail Carlson

Green Vase © Gail Carlson


Smoked Pot © Gail Carlson

Gold Crystalline © Gail Carlson

Blue Crystalline © Gail Carlson

Carved Pots © Gail Carlson

BIG Pots © Gail Carlson

Gail's production studio

Gail was awarded the Lorraine Mathiason Memorial Pottery Award in 2016

I have always had a fascination with archeology. My work is created in the 21st century and holds secrets of past eras and civilizations blended with today's world. I wonder what stories would be created from my art by future archeologists....

Find me at Site 8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gailcarlsonpottery

Email: gpcpots@gmail.com

Telephone:306-922-7458 and cel: 306-930-3057

Gail welcomes by-appointment visits outside of the 263 Art Studio Tour dates.


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