Brent Fellner is a multi media artist who does stone carving, wood working, photography and cartooning. He has been an Artist in Residence twice, won awards for his wood work and photography and has sold his creations throughout Canada. After a two year absence he is looking forward to showing some new pieces and having a chat with people taking in the tour.




© Brent Fellner


Cartoon, part of a series of street scenes. All originals are drawn with ink and hand painted with watercolours.

© Brent Fellner


Chicken concert cartoon
Ink and watercolour © Brent Fellner


A Flutter
Brazilian soapstone © Brent Fellner

Charcuterie board
Walnut, sapele and cherry wood © Brent Fellner

From the First Time We Met
Colorado alabaster
Approx 14”high x 10” long x 6” deep © Brent Fellner


A hand carved maple bowl with rawhide lacing on a walnut stand. The wood is locally sourced, no live trees are cut specifically for the bowls. © Brent Fellner


Same as above, different view.


Same as image above, different view.

Work in Progress © Brent Fellner

Birch Bowl 1© Brent Fellner








Birch Bowl 2 © Brent Fellner

Birch Bowl 3 © Brent Fellner

Carving 1050 © Brent Fellner


Carving 1171 © Brent Fellner


Carving 1249 © Brent Fellner

Carving 2122 © Brent Fellner



Carving 4103 © Brent Fellner

Carving 590 © Brent Fellner

Carving 674 © Brent Fellner

Carving 759 © Brent Fellner

Carving 859 © Brent Fellner

Carving 954 © Brent Fellner

Carving 1 © Brent Fellner



Gallery representation:
Avenue Artisan Gallery, Prince Albert, SK
Traditions Handcraft Gallery, Regina, SK


Phone number - 306-981-9610


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