I've been a stone carver for 8 years, before that I was a fine art photographer. I studied for three years at the U of S extension program in Saskatoon. I am a member of the Saskatchewan craft council. I have participated in numerous shows over the last 8 years. Four years ago I started doing carved wooden bowls and recently I began working with pen, ink and watercolours. I will be bringing a bit of each to the upcoming show.
My stone work tends to be represntational although I have done figurative, wild life and abstract sculptures. Currently I work primarily in soapstone, alabaster and chlorite.

The wood for my bowls is always found wood, usually birch, poplar, maple or elm. The bowls are unique and one of a kind because they are not turned on a lathe. I use metal and rawhide as part of the completed bowl.

Cartoon, part of a series of street scenes. All originals are drawn with ink and hand painted with watercolours. © Brent Fellner


Chicken concert cartoon
Ink and watercolour © Brent Fellner


A Flutter
Brazilian soapstone © Brent Fellner

Charcuterie board
Walnut, sapele and cherry wood © Brent Fellner

From the First Time We Met
Colorado alabaster
Approx 14”high x 10” long x 6” deep © Brent Fellner


A hand carved maple bowl with rawhide lacing on a walnut stand. The wood is locally sourced, no live trees are cut specifically for the bowls. © Brent Fellner


Work in Progress © Brent Fellner

Birch Bowl 1© Brent Fellner





Madonna 2 © Brent Fellner



Birch Bowl 2 © Brent Fellner

Birch Bowl 3 © Brent Fellner

Carving 1050 © Brent Fellner


Carving 1171 © Brent Fellner


Carving 1249 © Brent Fellner

Carving 2122 © Brent Fellner



Carving 4103 © Brent Fellner

Carving 590 © Brent Fellner

Carving 674 © Brent Fellner

Carving 759 © Brent Fellner

Carving 859 © Brent Fellner

Carving 954 © Brent Fellner

Carving 1 © Brent Fellner



Gallery representation:
Avenue Artisan Gallery, Prince Albert, SK
Traditions Handcraft Gallery, Regina, SK


Phone number - 306-981-9610


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