A chemist by profession, Barbara is also passionate about photography and music. In her past lives, she has been responsible for the development and administration of the undergraduate chemistry labs at the University of Saskatchewan, taught chemistry at St. Peter’s College in Muenster SK, and held various research positions, including at M.D. Anderson Hospital, Houston, Texas.

Barbara is also a musician who plays principal flute in the Saskatoon Concert Band and Saskatoon Philharmonic Orchestra, and who plays flute, violin, tin whistle, and various percussion instruments in the Saskatoon Fiddle Orchestra.

Her photographic work ranges from the realistic to the abstract. The abstract occurs when she “enters into” the colour, form, and movement of a photo and begins to play.

Mountain Mist © Barbara Nelson

Cumulus Reflection © Barbara Nelson

Hummer In Flight © Barbara Nelson

Preening Robin © Barbara Nelson

Chihuly Globes © Barbara Nelson


Architectural Reflection © Barbara Nelson

Pine Forest © Barbara Nelson

The School Is Out © Barbara Nelson

Festive Palms © Barbara Nelson

Pencil Forest © Barbara Nelson

Stewie The Great Horned Owl © Barbara Nelson


Flock In Flight © Barbara Nelson

Chemistry, my former profession, is primarily a rational and logical pursuit. But for me an understanding of and relationship to the natural world around us requires a more personal involvement. I fulfill my need for such a relationship and understanding through photography and music. As a nature photographer I am intrigued with both the visual reality and the abstraction of color and form within each photo I take. In doing so I become part of its reality and it becomes part of mine.




Telephone: 306-221-2538 (cell)